Successful To Healthy Baby Sleep

How to get your baby to sleep through the night

"How to get your baby off to sleep more easily,
how you never have to get up at night again and
how you are going to have a happy baby in your arms during the day"

from mother to mother - eBook written by Andrea Bergmann

If you have always wanted to know how your baby falls asleep right away peacefully... without being exhausted due to crying, then this page is going to be the most valuable that you can read up on this topic

Dear Not-Sleeper, 
do you also have to answer one of the following questions with yes?
Do you have the feeling that your baby is tortured because of its sleeping problems and he often cannot stop crying?


Does your baby only fall asleep when you give him the breast or the bottle? 


Are you exhausted and tired that all of your acquaintances and relatives are giving you clever advices, although your baby has his own character?


Do you have to get up at night several times because your baby cannot sleep through the night and you are having a hard time to calm him down? 


Are you fed up that your baby does not even fall asleep after an hour?


Would it be a dream for you, that your baby fell asleep on his own and not only in your arms?


Are you annoyed as well, that the “Crying it out”-method is trivialised by many and you are searching for a healthy alternative?


Does your own lack of sleep already affect your environment negatively? Are you recognizing that your nerves are quite frayed?


Are you unsure if your baby can already sleep through the night without getting something to eat at night?
Did you have to answer one or even more questions with yes?
I am completely honest, if someone had asked me these questions when my son was only a few months old, I would have answered every questions with yes.

See for yourself the problems I had...

It was the most beautiful feeling I have had until then: When my first son was born after only one hour in the hospital, the feelings of caring, love and luck flew through my whole body. It was awesome! When I felt his body on mine for the first time tears flooded my eyes. It was such an amazing feeling to hold my own child in my arms after nine month pregnancy. My husband and I felt like the happiest people on this planet. On the next day we left the hospital happy and content.

Our son slept in a small bed in our bedroom. For me it was normal to get up four or five times to nurse him. The chaos started when the demand for sleep became less with advancing age: Falling asleep sometimes dragged on for 2 hours and my little one cried for all he was worth. It really broke my heart to see how exhausted he was from all the crying. His eyes were swollen from crying. At night it went on like this, repeating the procedure almost every two hours. When he woke up and started to cry I had a hard time calming him down and when I fed him at the breast until he had enough he did not sleep.

Sometimes I wondered if I was a bad mother. I had a guilty conscience and was desperate. Sentences like “you do know exactly what he does to you, he wants to test your limits” and “let him cry until he falls asleep on his own” were advices from acquaintances that I was given quite often.

When my son was one year old his sleep behaviour got better. But until this had happened, my nerves were quite frayed and I was exhausted.
Meantime I was again pregnant with my second son and I was scared that it would be just the same. So, the joy for my second son was unfortunately clouded. This is why I made use of the time I was pregnant and bought more than ten books dealing with the topic of baby sleep. I read all of them and I soon recognized that there are remarkable differences between the books. So I started to write down all of the tips and methods and sorted them by quality and tolerance with my own maternal instincts. With my second son, everything should get better.

I went to see some other mums, who told me that they had the same problems with the sleeping habits of their kids. 
I had many conversations and I compared the behaviour of the parents with the guidelines from the books. During this process I had several aha-moments. I wrote down everything for my second son.
I still had some time before the birth of my son, so I went to see some paediatricians. I told them about my experience and my research. Some were able to give me additional tips, others were quite astonished about the knowledge I had acquired.

Finally it happened; I had contractions. My second son, David was born. When we came back home I picked up my collection of books concerning baby sleep and read them again. 
Now there were quite a few things I wanted to do differently. I have already recognised in the first few weeks that David seemed to be much more content.

The altered place of sleep, my breastfeeding technique and lots of other things seemed to have a visible effect. After two and a half months my little boy slept all through the night. I could not believe it. A lot of satisfaction and happiness broke out.

Of course, other mummies asked me about the sleep of my new baby because they knew that I dealt with that topic intensely. My success got about quickly and suddenly many other mothers I have never seen before called me.
It was obvious that I made no secret of my success, sharing my knowledge with everybody who wanted to hear of it. I spent hours on the phone and copied my collection several times. The feedback was overwhelming. Almost all parents called me after two or three, sometimes four weeks and thanked me partially amid tears. 
One year later I had my third child, a girl :-)

For me the topic of baby sleep was meanwhile clarified and the problems I had with my first son were only peanuts with my daughter. It was awesome to be free and independent from the useless tips from others. The security, I could give to my children due to my knowledge, was priceless. 
Now, I was no more the exhausted and tired mother who felt guilty for the bad sleeping behaviour of her son. No, now I am the confident woman, who was able to help several other parents and who has a harmonic and happy family life.

Now your sleepless nights will come to an end!

I can very well imagine that you have reached a point where it cannot go on like this. I am well aware of the fatigue and exhaustion that can grip you to the marrow. I can still remember the sleeping problems of my first son.

Yes, there is hope!

In only a few days you can make it that your baby goes to sleep without any crying. It will even succeed that your baby sleeps through in the next two weeks forever. 
Now you do not have to rely on useless tips that have never been tested or that are so old that they are bad for the health of your baby. 
Starting today, you will see in black and white why your baby struggles with sleeping problems and how to solve them within two weeks.

Let’s be honest:

It is not your fault that your baby has problems going to sleep (And it is even less your baby’s fault). How can you help it that self-proclaimed sleep experts are giving “great” tips that help you in no way? 
Most of the times these people do not have children of their own and they think they know better anyway. Or they used totally outdated methods that could have caused demonstrably long-term harm to the character.

Therefore accommodate me...

...and do not blame yourself. Meanwhile, I have spoken to more than a hundred couples and single parents who had the same problems. 
In today’s society these “sleep myths” are unfortunately wide-spread and almost all parents held themselves responsible for it.

3 valuable tips you can implement immediately


Sounds that do wonders

At the time your baby was born everything changed. For your baby the acoustic surroundings changed mainly. You have to consider that the baby’s hearing was the most important sensory organ in the womb. Now what is he listening to in the womb?
On the one hand he listens to the mother’s heartbeat that constantly pounds with a frequency of 60Hz. On the other hand there is a persistent and monotone noise (experts are also talking about the “white noise”) accompanied with dull sounds from the digestive system. You have to imagine that all the sounds within the body are transmitted directly to the ear of the baby. 
Therefore begin to search for the sounds that imitate the noises a baby listens to in the womb. That could be, for example a not working radio as a substitute for the white noise and a metronome that is set at 60 Hz as a replacement for the heartbeat. Recorded sounds like the rushing sea or a running tap are also suitable. Just go to and search for ‘rushing sea’ or something similar and you will make a find very soon.


The little friend and his “secret trust weapon”

If your baby is more than three months old, it usually helps him to have a little friend when falling asleep. I am talking indeed about a little friend that smells like mummy.
Mums smell? That is not easy. Take a teddy bear or another favourite soft toy for some nights into your bed. In this way, the teddy adopts your natural body odour. Once the baby is aware of the toy’s scent of it gets the feeling to be close to you.


The Temperature-Trap

Most parents commit an unconscious fault in having a too high room temperature. Babies totally do not like it, when it is too warm and they become restless. 
The perfect temperature should be around 16 to 19 degree (60 to 66 ºF), by no means above. So look after the temperature and regulate - if necessary - the heating. 
It is always important to know about information that is normally not an issue. It could be important for the security of your baby.

How I would like to help you:

Even everything went quite easily with my third child, I did not forget about the problems I have had with my first son. 
It is certainly not for nothing that you happen to be on this website and that you have read this far. You do have questions concerning healthy baby sleep and questions that you would like to have an answer to.

Like you have already read, I was able to help plenty of parents who had the same problems like you do. 
After I became aware of the fact that my tricks and methods were successful in 90 percent of cases, it was clear that I wanted to make more out of it.

Due to this, I wrote a well-structured clean copy of my complete collection.
Afterwards I reflected how I could help as many parents as possible without copying my whole collection each time. This is how this guidebook, which is only available via the internet, developed. 
It is a digital guidebook, an eBook. Everybody who has internet has access to it.

Successful to Healthy Baby Sleep – How to get your baby to sleep through the night

The eBook contains experience that gives answers to all the questions concerning healthy baby sleep. 
Grow into self-confident and caring parents and help your baby successfully to a healthy sleep.

What this "ultimate baby sleep guide" offers and what it does not:

I am offering you a guidebook that shows you the successful way to healthy baby sleep. I gathered information from nine month and put it in this eBook. From all the expert baby sleep tips I only included the most effective and safe ones. The bad ones and the advice that do not work are segregated.
You do receive a guidebook that corresponds to your baby’s needs. But you do not get a guidebook that deals intensively with the typical "Crying it out"- or "Ferber-Method".

"With three kids and many conversations with unsuccessful and eventually successful parents, I was able to write down experiences which are infinitely valuable."

In the following lines you will have a look on a short section that shows you what you will learn with this guidebook

How your baby falls asleep more easily and how he’ll be fast asleep

How you help your baby to sleep beautifully all through the night without eating (and no, it is NOT unhealthy) through specifically small steps. You do not have to feed your baby every two hours at the breast or give him the bottle. Wouldn’t it be a dream to sleep again until the next morning?

How your baby falls asleep within half an hour with the help of my 4 ultimate tips (unfortunately, they only work when all four tips are combined).

A Check list for the early recognizing of the fatigue.

It is a very old method that was ignored a long time, but it is one of the most efficient methods when it comes to the topic of falling asleep. There are babies who were able to sleep deeply within 5 minutes (not possible with everyone, to be sure).

What you should know about the reasons and the countermeasures for early risers. Is your baby also one of those who already would like to be occupied in the early morning? If so, I do have several useful tips for you.

Why you absolutely should purchase a secret insider-product. With this material you can manage that your baby sleeps at every other place and also on a visit in other houses.

One simple Step-by-Step-Guide so your baby falls asleep independently. Many of the parents only forget to do one single detail from the guide without knowing it and falling asleep can last on for hours.

The Guide tells you what you have to do to shorten the Falling Asleep Ritual step by step. Therefore, you are no longer constrained to be present when your baby falls asleep and you can start caring about yourself again.

One simple trick to encourage your baby to go on sleeping, even when he was not awake at all.

The various Falling-Asleep-Rituals: How do they help? Which rituals are there?

Learn more about your baby’s sleeping problems

Interesting methods with those you can handle every situation whether your baby has allergies, a stuffy nose, temperature, an ear infection or heartburn. No matter what your baby could suffer from, yet there were mothers that got exasperated with it. That does not have to be your sorrow.

Insider-tip: How do you recognize immediately that your baby has worms and how do you handle with the worm attack?

No secret, but a carefully considered method how to clean the small teeth very early without causing any pain.

How you react properly on a night terror that many parents still remember lively. The worst you could do is to panic in this situation.

What to do when your little one has nightmares.

I’ll show you a way how to reduce swellings in the mouth immediately with a trick during the process of teething. It always did wonders with my kids and it helped me so far that I got over the teething very well.

There are problems caused by the environment that are very often disturbing the sleep. For adults, these problems are hard to recognize. I show you the things you should pay attention to and how to protect your baby from those.

Why thumb-sucking can be dangerous. Where it comes from and how to break your baby of that habit.

What you should know about bedwetting and how to handle it. Here you’ll find everything to improve your baby’s situation quickly when he is a bed-wetter.

The best place to sleep so your baby is doing well

What you should know about Co-Sleeping! Many people in Germany are criticizing Co-Sleeping. However I show you the advantages and how it is done properly.

What your baby experiences through the common sleep in the parental bed. Did you know that physical contact is the most important thing that you can give your baby? Never be sparing with it. You cannot spoil a baby.

How your baby can sleep near to you without the bed getting too small with the help of my strategy.

How common sleep can improve the sleeping behaviour of the whole family.

Concrete ways of behaving that make a risk-free sleep in the family bed possible (when you have a closer look at them).

What you should absolutely consider when buying a bed and a mattress so your baby can sleep safely in the cot.

How to pick the right time for moving into the child’s room and which details you should consider as well.

Learn about the secrets of sleeping

Insider’s tip: I reveal you how to gain back missing energy during the day through marginal changes of your habits. If you do not consider this tip and you are tired, I shouldn’t wonder.

I tell you how breast-feeding at night gets one of the easiest things. Most of the mums think about breast-feeding as a sleep disturber but I would like to show you a very simple tip to solves this problem.

How you bring a breath of fresh air to your sex live despite having a baby. Many couples are having less sex after the birth, but with a few rearrangements this does not have to be.

The secret of REM-Sleep: Why this stage of sleep is that important for the future of your child (did you know that REM sleep encourages intelligence?).

The tricky eighth and ninth month: Why almost all babies are stepping backwards in this time and how to deal with it.

Almost all parents are making one mistake that comes back every night. Wouldn’t you like to know the mistake that almost everyone commits during the day and that is crucial for the whole night’s sleep?

Why it is important to know exactly how much sleep a baby needs at the respective age.

How to learn to interpret the various stages of sleep properly with the effect of being able to react directly to the sleeping disorders.

Why it is relevant to get to know the sleep-awake rhythm of your baby.

What nutrition has to do with healthy baby sleep

Why food has a special meaning for sleep. You are committing a deciding mistake when you do not pay attention to the right food!

How to reduce the risk for cot death explicitly through specific measures.

How long the afternoon nap should be age-dependently.

There are certain places where your child should sleep during the day so he is truly relaxed.

Every healthy mother has a natural secret weapon, but many do not know about the weapon and its healthy effects.

Understand your baby’s language

How to set all advice from wiseacres at nought through the right and concrete initiating of your intuition and how you can manage to become a real confidant (indeed you need to be prepared to change yourself).

How the crying it out-method affects both, mother and child.

How to cater for your baby’s needs through learning your baby’s language.

There is only one important behaving procedure that you need to learn when your child is colicky.

This guide is not suitable for everyone?

The Baby Sleep Guide is exclusively for those who:

... suffer from fatigue and exhaustion but want to cater for the need of their baby.
... want to put their baby to sleep faster and who wish that their baby sleeps beautifully all through the night within the next two weeks.
... want to take matter into their own hands so they do not have to rely on questionable advices anymore and who want to put an end to the experiments on their own child.
So if you want to go a successful way to healthy baby sleep you need to take matters into your own hands.

Now, I advise you against investing in this guide if:

... you are prone to buy normal books as well and you are not using them.
... your baby doesn’t have real sleep disorders and you are just persuading yourself to be overextended.
... you cannot accept that you are the only person that can change your situation and the situation of your baby.
Therefore only invest in this guide if you want to teach your baby healthy sleeping habits and you understood to solve sleep disorders yourself without the advice of clueless others.

How does this guidebook differ from others?


It was not written by one of those pretentious experts, but by a mother with three children.

What I want to tell you with this statement?
Many specialist books do not defer to the feelings a mother has when her baby cries himself to sleep. I did, however, learn to rely on my own intuition from three children and concerning this, I can offer solutions that will make you independent of others.
I gathered these experiences intensively in the course of my second pregnancy, right after the sleeping problems of my first son. This is why I could empathize with every desperate mother when this guide arose.


The largest part in most of the other baby sleep books contains the well-known "Ferber-Method" (Crying it out- Method). I would like to dissociate myself from this method.

I did write about the method for reasons of completeness, though I will rather not expand on this topic. Instead I put more emphasis on a harmonic relationship with my own child.
Now you’ve decided to buy my guidebook, you are probably wondering how much it is.
A content and sleeping baby is for some surely quite more worth than for others. However, let’s have a realistic view on it:
Without my guide you are willing to gather your own experiences in the long term. So if you, e. g., (and many are that way) buy a mattress for $ 95 (US Dollar) due to the lack of experience and in the end you affect your child and you will have sleepless nights, please don’t get angry.
I only want to tell you:

Do not spend huge amounts of money for useless products, just because you didn’t know better.

I do not want to sound conceited, but I can tell you that I am really proud on my gathered experience and I know that you will save a lot of exhausting time with this eBook.
Due to this reason I am aware of the value of this offer and it would surely be a bargain if I would offer my guide for only $ 51 (US Dollar).
Nevertheless, I know as well that young parents do have less money in most cases. That is why I chose a really reasonable price of $ 37 (US Dollar).

This is how your new day could look like:

"You're waking up on your own at 8 o’clock in the morning because your body had enough sleep. When you are opening your eyes you cannot believe that it happened again. It is the second night you slept beautifully all through the night. 
You can hear low noises from the cot next to you. Your baby is hungry and you are giving the little one his bottle.

During the day everything is like the other days. (Even when it is actually absolutely not normal) At ten o’clock in the morning, your baby sleeps for another hour and you can calmly prepare lunch. 
After you had lunch, you are visiting your best friend to go for a walk. Afterwards you are talking with a cup of coffee over old memories, while your baby is sleeping peacefully in the room next door.
You almost can’t believe that you are having a day that is absolutely yours. And that your baby is sleeping in a foreign house is additionally more than unusual and at the same time very liberating.
When your child starts to scream after two hours you suddenly awake from your dream. But when your sweetheart is lying with a skillful grip in your arms, after ten minutes everything is alright again.

You arrive back at home and you are having dinner. Afterwards you are playing with your child for a while, but not too much now you know that you should not put your child in too much action just before bedtime. Now you perform skillfully the right going-to-bed rituals and due to the new learnt "4-method-technique" your baby falls asleep after another half an hour around 7:30 and 8:00 pm.
Sitting over a glass of wine you are talking with your partner over the progress of your baby or you are reading after long your favorite book. You are feeling so relaxed that you still feel ‘at top of the world’ even that late in the evening. 
Before you go to bed at about 11 pm. you are looking after your child, finding a happily sleeping baby.”
I wish you relaxing nights,
Best Andrea Bergmann

Author of "Successful to healthy baby sleep - How to get your baby to sleep through the night"

PS.: The baby sleep guide is the golden key for a successful road to healthy baby sleep. It provides experience of a triple mother that has already helped many parents to assure a healthy and long baby sleep. This guidebook is easy to understand and it considers the feelings of young parents.

This is what my readers are saying:

"Dear Ms. Bergmann, thank you very much

that you took so much time to write a book about the topic of baby sleep after your three children. At the beginning we were so desperate because our baby did not sleep in the cot and some acquaintances discouraged us from taking our little one with us into our marital bed. At that evening, at a late hour (tears were rolling down my cheeks) I was surfing the internet and found your book. Due to the fact that the price was quite acceptable and the payment went smooth, I bought this book immediately. I was really happy about your tips and I put our little girl with me to the marital bed. (with a clear conscience!). It was a very nice night and she slept five hours through the night and this is how it went on.
Today she is four weeks old and for 10 days now she has been sleeping next to me. It works out very well close to my bed and I have a better sleep on my own.
I can highly recommend your digital book "Successful to healthy baby sleep - How to get your baby to sleep through the night".
We are already looking forward to your free report. Thank you so much"
Stefanie Ebner, Germany

Originally quoted

"Hello Ms. Bergmann, maybe you still remember me.

I wrote you a letter because I could not download your guidebook. Now it worked and I wanted to tell you that I like your guide very much. 
I have read a few months ago the book "jedes kind kann schlafen (lernen)" but the methods they recommended scared me. Who does not want that his baby cries it out should not start with these methods. 
In your guidebook, the common sleeping problems are very well displayed. You get the feeling to read about the experiences of your own mother and this in a very realistic way. It is very exciting and gripping to read; you get to know exactly what you need to know. I can recommend this guidebook. You are welcome to mention me in a test report. I liked the book very much and I am going to advertise on behalf of your mother as well. Everyone has problems with sleeping. 
I also pass your internet-address and I hope you will sell a few more guidebooks.
thanks again
ps.: my son is 9 months old and he wasn’t a good sleeper right from the beginning. we already asked everywhere and ,like I have already mentioned, read and heard a lot about it, but I liked your mother’s guidebook the best. our son has been sleeping better and when it is getting worse again, I will think about all the mothers with babies who are having the same problems and that this will also pass and then he will be sleeping through the day"
Annette Friedel, Germany

Originally quoted

"Well, there comes an exhausted father!

Said the brunette, a very nice one. One of the two mothers, who pushed the baby buggy just like me in the Bergisch Gladbacher Park, was laughing. She was just laughing. Thereby I thought "It’s all very well for you to laugh, the little ones are asleep, baby-soother in the mouth, nothing to hear" Instead, I go started, glad to be able to vent my spleen: "Yes, this child isn’t sleeping, cries all night and no wonder that I do look pale. I cannot sleep a wink."
"Your fault!", said the blonde one, who was now formally heckling me. They were talking and advising in stereo: "You have to let her cry, just let her cry, close the door and earplugs in. After three weeks it will stop!" "Not later than seven weeks", said the other one and "It lasts a bit, but crying-it-out is the only thing that helps. And keeping her awake during the day! Ha, what you are doing is totally wrong!" That I wanted to try it some time, I answered sheepishly, rather like a notorious latecomer or advice resistant person and went on with the baby buggy just like being in trance.
Everybody knows the feeling of overfatigue whenever the baby sleep does not want to come. Now on the bumpy ways through the forest, my girl was at least asleep. The following days I had to take care of the baby, we are sharing. When she started to cry for the first time in the evening, I was looking at my Seiko: I was not even 20 seconds holding on. I was rather lying next to the cot on the floor, humming little songs, telling stories and that was also quite nice for my back after the long journeys in the company car. From educational theory I still knew that the first years are imprinting; that they could cause a Crying-it-out separation trauma and resignation. Especially caring and carrying (most of the babies are initially used to carrying) should be good, sleep rhythm and silence. But this does not always help. Then it is very helpful to get an advice from an experienced mother. Of course, not from those who let their babies cry it out. "Successful to healthy Baby Sleep" is a guidebook for all who are like me, people who does not want their babies crying it out and also could not.
Children are having babies. Now there are three boys. The one is calming down when listening to Mozart, the other one is relaxing when there is a piano playing. The third likes stories, the same again and again – many wolves this time, how many kids?...Children are getting childhood diseases. Children are getting baby teeth. That are times of crisis. "Successful to healthy Baby Sleep" advises all with heart and experience who doesn’t search for ear plugs when they hear their baby crying and never could say: ”Well I do not think he need something..."
Karl Hinkel, Germany

Originally quoted

"hello, yes I have read your guide with much interest

and there were many great tips in it. I definitely would buy it again and recommend it. I was really pleased with your eBook. Thanks.
Best wishes,
Christian, Germany

Originally quoted

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